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Monday, February 18, 2002

I always forget to update this thing!
anyway, i went home this weekend to visit my family and friends, well mainly to see the hockey game but that was just all part of a good equation. So the spartans kicked the wolverine's ass on saturday ass whipping so rightly deserved i think. My brother was pissed because for some odd reason he is a u of m fan? one of us is definatly adopted. He just does it to piss me off. So he attacked me after u of m scored its only goal but luckily i got to attack him back twice.
I went out with my bests maggie and monica, sneha came and tasha was there too since she came home with was lots of fun and its kind of cool that my friends all get along, the new and the old, because usually someone doesnt like the other but not with them they were like exchanging email addys, phone numbers and giving hugs! i think it is so cool, i am glad that they all get along.
so i need to leave in a few to go get my visitor so wish me luck because i have someone else under my supervision for the next 24 hours, so i seriously hope everything goes well...i kind of have a shadow...hehe

Quote of the day: "Zoo: An excellent place to study the habits of human beings." -Evan Esar
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