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Tuesday, February 12, 2002

Tuesday's are yucky. 1020 is way to early to be thinking seriously. anyway i am really happy because i got a 3.25 on my russian history paper, i personally thought i did a horrible job but i guess he didnt think so, yeah me! now all i need is to get my mc202 paper back with a good grade and my week will be awesome!
so i joined this organization called SAC @ MSU it is where i show around prospective students for a day or overnight visit. They called me today and i have my first visitor on monday for an overnight stay. I was looking over the packet and realized that i dont know where anything is. They gave me a number of places to goto with my visitor and i dont know where some of them are! i guess its time for a self-guided tour!
My parents are the coolest. They sent me a Valentine's Day package with a card, cookies, kisses, hello kitty lip gloss. My mom knows that I love hello kitty. It was very cool and very unexpected. That is why they are the greatest! I definatly have the coolest parents around! you only wish you had them.
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Sunday, February 10, 2002

What a weekend! I am so tired.

I went to u of m this weekend to visit my bestest friend maggie! we had such fun because she is just the greatest person in the world. We walked around Ann Arbor and i definatly did not wear the right shoes so me feets hur majorly! After walking what seemed like forever we went to Dennis and Dennis's dorm room where all the guys and jodi were drinking and were almost drunk by the time we got there. Boys do really stupid things when they are drunk, but i guess that just spurs from their natural stupidity. So virinder, adam, dennis and dennis were really drunk and acting stupid while jodi, maggie and i just laughed and laughed. So it was just a fun time with all of them and nice to see them all again.

Adam and i left saturday and oddly it only took me 45min to get back to east lansing when it took and hour and 15min. to get there, i think maybe going 90mph had something to do with it. haha

we went to the hockey game where sadly the spartans lost 3-2 to notre dame, they didnt play well. but we get to see them play michigan at the joe this saturday which is going to be cool.

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